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Confessions of a Plastic Surgeon: Shocking Stories about Enhancing Butts, Boobs, and Beauty



You are about enter the wild and wonderful world of one of San Antonio’s most respected and beloved board-certified plastic surgeons.

He takes you behind the scenes of his successful practice and tells all, especially the “stuff” nobody tells medical school residents when they decide to go into plastic surgery!

Get ready for your jaw to drop as you follow Dr. Jeneby…

– from the sanctuary of his on-site OR doing a pre-dawn breast augmentation with his signature adjustable implants; (Ladies, you’ll thank him when you get to go as big as you want–gradually, because you’re gonna be sore enough after your surgery!)

– to his fast-paced consults where he sizes up a potential patient’s mental health because he’s not just going to give you want you want until he knows you know what you’re getting yourself into; (Guys, you may think you want a penis enlargement, but maybe you really just need a little affirmation)

-through the moment-by-moment maze of managing his women-only staff…and so much more!

You’ll learn how he’s dedicated to giving to charity and prefers to use the gift of his hands to restore victims of domestic violence back to themselves.

You’ll also hear from some of his raving fans, whose lives have been transformed because of Dr. Jeneby.

Get ready to have your world rocked!


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