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Pharmageddon: Bugs vs Drugs, A Medical Education Antibiotic Card Game



Pharmageddon is a medical educational card game providing a more enjoyable and engaging way to learn antibiotics than flash cards or charts. Learn antibiotics using an endlessly replayable game that tests your knowledge beyond trivia-style questions. Play alone or with friends, with increasing levels of difficulty as you master the game.

Players: 1-4 players
Ages: 16+
Time: 20-30 mins (for short games)
Game modes: solo, versus, or co-op


Pharmageddon is intended for healthcare workers and learners whether they be med students, residents, and fully independent physicians or pharmacists, nurses, and PAs. Game play itself is simple, however, and requires no preexisting medical knowledge so Pharmageddon: Bugs vs Drugs can be picked up by anyone interested in learning more about medicine (though the knowledge does help).


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