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Pharmageddon: Bugs vs Drugs, A Medical Education Antibiotic Card Game



Pharmageddon: Bugs vs Drugs – A Medical Educational Card Game

Pharmageddon is a medical card game designed to offer a fun and engaging method to learn about antibiotics, going beyond traditional flashcards or charts. With gameplay that challenges players beyond simple trivia, it provides an interactive way to enhance knowledge and understanding of antibiotics.

Key Features:
– Players: Suitable for 1-4 players.
– Ages: Recommended for ages 16 and above.
– Duration: Short games typically last 20-30 minutes.
– Game Modes: Offers solo, versus, and co-op modes to cater to different preferences and group sizes.

Who Should Play:
– Target Audience: Healthcare workers and learners, including medical students, residents, physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and physician assistants.
– Accessibility: While the game is designed for healthcare professionals, it is structured in a way that even those without prior medical knowledge can enjoy and benefit from it. However, having some medical background can enhance the gameplay experience.

– Interactive Learning: Provides a hands-on approach to learning about antibiotics, making the educational process more enjoyable.
– Versatility: Offers various game modes to accommodate different play styles and group dynamics.
– Skill Development: Challenges players with increasing difficulty levels as they progress, encouraging mastery and retention of antibiotic knowledge.

Pharmageddon: Bugs vs Drugs is a versatile and engaging card game that not only educates players about antibiotics but also offers a fun way to reinforce medical knowledge. Whether you’re a healthcare professional or simply interested in medicine, this game provides an interactive and enjoyable learning experience.


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