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The Healing Chamber



Healing is the most powerful but overlooked gift available to humans. Healing is purposeful and opens doors to prosperity. God has a plan and path for you to live healed and whole.

Dr. Sands provides a map to chart you along your path of healing. You were created to be well and prosper emotionally, physically, spiritually and in all things. Discover how to receive your innermost healing that is reflected in your outermost being. Healing is a gift that everyone deserves. Dr. Sands reveals how to procure your healing in the pages of this book that will literally shift the trajectory of your life. Dr. Tamonya Sands is a wife, mother, author, speaker and coach who was born and raised in the Bahamas. She has ministered and spoken locally and internationally.

She has a Medical Degree from St. Matthews University School of Medicine since 2005. She also holds a Master of Arts in Theology from New Covenant University located in St. Augustine, Florida. She is the founder of Women Breaking Forth Ministry which has an Academy. Dr. Sands has served as a Professor at several colleges and held the position of Medical Chair. Dr. Sands resides in the Miami, Florida with her husband Thomas, and their princess Ashera.


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